Thanks to digital video content, advertisers can collect data and have significant advantages in brand representation, advanced targeting, and customization. Digital video content, which easily overcomes the obstacles traditional advertising cannot compete with, provides high production capacity with AI-powered visual processing. Most enterprises use video as a prominent part of marketing. Still, misunderstandings and fear of the unknown come to the forefront as the main obstacle in front of the potential of video ads.

Four Important Obstacles To Video Advertising Potential

Research conducted by Survey Monkey with 694 marketeers clarifies the problems and concerns of marketeers in creating video content.

Let’s have a closer look at the details of this research and the solutions it’s offering:

1)     66% of marketers do not create videos due to its time-consuming nature.

The bias of creating a video being a time-consuming job is one of the most common concerns of marketers. The complexity of the process of producing video content via conventional means supports this concern.

Solution: There are some options for companies, marketers, and advertising professionals who don’t want to spend a lot of time on video. New software and technologies keep making the video content production process easier and faster. Video Production Tech, presented by United Plankton, provides you with videos you need in a couple of hours without the burden of waiting for the solutions for days, filling out forms, or sharing additional information or data.

2) 37% of marketers don’t create videos because they think it’s too expensive.

This is becoming a significant concern, especially for small businesses with limited marketing budgets and large organizations that need high video volumes.

Solution: Independent studies allege that 59% of the companies allocate only 10% or less of their marketing budgets to video production or promotion. Thanks to Video Production Tech, images designed for brand videos can be transformed to live and target-oriented short videos. Small-sized enterprises thus can create impressive video ads with a lower budget.

3) 41% of marketers don’t create videos because they think it’s too complicated.

The versatility of video advertising can be intimidating at first sight. Subjects like pre-production, filming logistics, setup, and copyright must be taken into consideration.

Solution: Just send the sedentary image you want to bring life to and receive the animated version in a couple of hours; easy as that!

4) 80% of marketers avoid creating video content because they cannot find a feasible way.

4 out of 5 marketers assume that video content can only be prepared with the support of big productions or special software.

Solution: Brand videos put forward by United Plankton render every image a production compatible with its own texture, emotion, and atmosphere. Brand videos prepared in accordance with the static images’ unique structure make it possible to reach a professional ad much faster and with relevant cost.

It Is a Piece of Cake to Create a Video Ad with United Plankton!

Industries where video ads are used less than necessary, provide the most exciting opportunities for video marketing. The United Plankton team, prepared more than 40 thousand videos in the fields of Automotive, Electronics, E-comm, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Finance, Gaming, Retail, Travel, and Telco. This helps potential clients discover your enterprise. United Plankton, having a partner company in Facebook, Criteo, and Google serve over 10 countries, and 600 brands. This opens a new era in advertising with Video Production Tech. All you have to do is to send the images and information which best describe your product and service to United Plankton and watch the United Plankton team create remarkable video ads using your images.




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